Are You Coming?

Hey everyone, I’m looking for a head count on the upcoming seminar. I’d like to plan on how much cranberry bread to order for the day as it’s a super yummy snack and I want there to be enough. So if you intend on registering soon, just let me know! I’m excited to present this material as it’s been in the works for a number of years now and it’s so thrilling to see it coming together!


Seminar Flyer A

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Discover Your Inner Novel

Hey everyone! I’ve got a new flyer I’m sending out. Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be interested!


Seminar Flyer

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Turner Novel Seminar is Scheduled!

Seminar Coverhotel_mead



Reserved the space for the seminar at Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids last night. We set the date for Saturday, Dec. 6th from 1-5pm. Midway through we’ll have a coffee break with the most yummiest cranberry bread on the planet. I can’t wait to share¬†everything in the manual, which is based on a series of workshops and articles I had written a while back. Someone mentioned turning them into a book and along the way to see how that might look, the idea that this would be an awesome seminar began to form and so here we are–from idea to reality. Pretty cool, I think, considering that’s the core theme behind Discovering Your Inner Novel.

I’ve got the agenda all set below, so just scroll down for that. The registration form is complete now too, so I’ll start taking them right away as there’s not much time to get the word out. Deadline to register is Dec. 1st but if you register before November 15th you’ll get a free 1-hour phone consultation.

Seminar Registration

You can register by email or by snail mail and cash, check or paypal may be used. Looking forward to an exciting event with you all!

Jenny :)

Seminar Agenda

Turner Novel Seminar

Saturday, December 6th 2014, 1-5pm

Mead Hotel, Wisconsin Rapids

Hour 1
1:00-1:40 Discover What you Love

  • Discover Your Inner Story
  • Create a Mission Statement
  • Chose Point of View
  • Develop Your Process
  • Develop Your Characters

1:40-1:50 Q&A


Hour 2
1: 50-2:30 Discover the Writer in You

  • Evolution of a Writer
  • Writing for the Reader
  • Show Vs. Tell
  • Narrative Closeness
  • Finding Your Voice

2:30-2:40 Q&A

2:40-3:00 Coffee and Cranberry Bread


Hour 3
3:00-3:50 Discover Your Toolbox

  • 15 Practical Tips
  • Filters: What They Are
  • Dialogue Tags
  • Perfecting Your Pace
  • Writing with Depth

3:50-4:00pm Q&A


Hour 4
4:00-4:45 Discover Your Future

  • The Query Letter
  • The Synopsis
  • Marketing Before Publication
  • 10 Online Marketing Tips
  • Bare Minimum Marketing

4:45-5:00-Q&A and Wrap Up


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Waiting on a Hotel

Hey everyone,

I’m giving a seminar at the Hotel Mead based on a 60-page manual for aspiring novelists that I put together. I’m getting excited about this and hope to hold the first one of it’s kind in mid-December. Should that go well, many more will be soon to come. I’ve got the preliminary poster done (just waiting for the hotel to finish hammering down the date with me) so I’m posting that now. I’ll keep giving updates as I get them.Seminar 2


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The Joaquin Dead

I’ve been wanting to do this forever! Now that I’m in bed with pneumonia, I finally gave myself permission to just play a little. Hope you enjoy!The Joaquin really did all the hard work here!

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Been Ill, but Feelin’ All Right


So I had surgery on March 5th… but that was just the beginning! I ended up back in the hospital for IV fluids from dehydration, then got a head cold, after that I injured my back, then ended up with kidney stones. So, for the whole month of March, I’ve been through one thing after another physically. Talk about frustrating! Well, I’m getting back to full health slow but sure. I’m just battling the last of kidney stones, then I’ll be on my way toward normal.

Just wanted to update everyone who may be wondering where I’ve been. My guess is that this is the biggie for 2014 and after I’m all well, I get to enjoy the rest of the year in good health! I hope this spring will be a wonderful time for all of us. :)


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New Cover is Live

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note to let everyone know the new cover for Redemption is finally live on I’ve set up a special promotion that will begin in February! I can’t wait to see this book have the same sort of success that My Biker Bodyguard has. Please take a moment to spread the word about this for me :)

On a personal note, I’ve been dieting and working out like a crazy gal and recently lost over 20 pounds–however, counting backward from my heaviest weight to today, it’s been almost 50 pounds I’ve lost–and it feels awesome! I love my kick boxing classes and walking with my best friend. Very cool stuff!

I’m looking forward to Love is Murder with Gale Borger in 2 weeks!



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